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Our commitment to you

Our goal at Nordic Dental is to ensure that you have comprehensive information and insight shared in a manner that you can easily understand your oral health situation and professional recommendations. 

All questions and queries are welcome and encouraged! We will ensure you have clarity on any treatment options suggested and expected outcomes. An informed decision is critical to your path for long lasting healthy oral care.

At Nordic Dental we provide a range of services from routine check ups, cosmetic treatments to the more complex surgical treatments. All through our practice we have invested in the latest technology for pain free and comfortable treatments. For example we utilize the latest pain free technology from EMS such as AIRFLOW for Guided Biofilm Therapy and PIEZON, which means for your normal “scale and polish” you will have no discomfort or pain and achieve an amazing outcome. Should you require an injection, have no fear :), let us introduce you to the STA The Wand. A computer guided single tooth Anesthesia system for pain free injections!

Anna and the team are excited to meet with you at your next appointment with Nordic Dental. 

Treatment Fees Guide

    • Consultation $99
    • General Check up, 2 X-rays, Cleaning and Fluoride $350
    • Teeth Cleaning;
    •       Scale & Polish (with Fluoride) $180
    •       GBT with EMS $249
    • Small Filling from $180
    • Large Filling from $320
    • Teeth Whitening (in chair) from $520
    • Porcelain Crowns from $1,800
    • Tooth Extraction from $300
    • Aligners (teeth straightening) from $3,500
    • Veneers from $600 per tooth
    • Implants from $4,500