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Teeth Whitening

Unlock Your Brightest Smile with Our Professional Teeth Whitening Services! Nordic Dental advanced teeth whitening services are designed to bring out the natural brilliance of your teeth, ensuring you achieve the radiant smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that aims to lighten the color of your teeth and remove stains and discoloration. It is a popular and non-invasive way to enhance the appearance of your smile. 


Teeth can become discoloured for various reasons, including: 

  1. Staining from food and drinks: Consuming coffee, tea, red wine, and certain foods can lead to surface stains on teeth. 

  1. Tobacco use: Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause teeth to yellow or become stained. 

  1. Aging: As you age, the outer layer of enamel on your teeth may wear away, revealing the yellowish dentin beneath. 

  1. Genetics: Some people naturally have thicker or brighter enamel, which can affect the colour of their teeth. 

  1. Medications: Certain medications, such as tetracycline antibiotics, can cause discoloration of teeth. 

  1. Trauma: Injuries to the teeth may cause discoloration, especially if the pulp (inner tissue) of the tooth is damaged. 


At Nordic Dental, teeth whitening treatment is customised to each patient’s unique needs and preferences. The dentist will conduct a comprehensive oral examination to assess the current condition of the patient’s teeth and gums before recommending the most suitable treatment option. Nordic Dental uses the latest technologies and materials to provide safe and effective teeth whitening treatments for patients. 


The clinic’s team of experienced dental professionals ensures that the treatment is performed in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Our patients can enjoy a brighter, whiter smile after just one session of in-office teeth whitening treatment or after several weeks of using a professional take-home whitening kit for approx. 30 minutes p/day.  

It’s important to note that while teeth whitening can be effective, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain dental conditions, such as cavities or gum disease, may need to address these issues before undergoing whitening treatment.


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